Eyelash Care - How To Clean Your False Eyelashes Without Damaging Them


Good quality strip lashes can be used more than once before being thrown out. Cleaning your false eyelashes and taking good care of them will extend their life. We have put together a few tips and tricks on how to maintain your strip lashes and extend their life.


TIP 1:

Be Gentle
Grasp your lashes by the band when picking them up.


TIP 2:

Clean Occasionally
If dried glue builds up on the band of your eyelashes, gently peel it off with your fingertips. Remember, do not pull or tug on the band as doing so could result to picking off a few lash hairs, if not a chunk. 


TIP 3:

Say No To Soaking
Soaking your lashes in water, makeup remover, alcohol, or any other liquid can cause damage to your strip eyelashes.


TIP 4:

Apply Mascara With Care
Mascara may damage mink lashes when applied directly to them, so don't apply it directly to the lashes. Instead, apply mascara to your lashes before applying false eyelashes on.


TIP 5:

Safely Remove Mascara And Glue 
The safest way to remove Mascara, Eyelash Glue, Adhesive, Eyeliner and Eyeshadow will be to use a clean 
spooley dipped into micellar water and slowly comb the eyelashes. You can also use a cotton swab coated in micellar water and gently swipe along the lashes to ensure all the makeup comes off.


TIP 6:

After Cleaning False Eyelashes 
After removing the unwanted makeup and glue off your False Eyelashes, you're going to want to use either a paper towel or a lintless towel and gently press onto the eyelashes. Remember not to be too rough with the eyelashes as placing too much pressure can cause the eyelashes to lose their shape and natural curl. 


TIP 7:

Proper Storage Is Key
After wearing or washing your eyelashes youre going to want to store your Mink Eyelashes, Magnetic Eyelashes, Faux Mink Eyelashes etc in their original packaging to keep them safe, clean, and protected from dust, dirt and bacteria.

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